My 2018 Battle Plan & How To Set Your New Years Goals

We’ve reached 2018, time really moves quick so don’t waste a second of yours. Let’s start the year with a BANG, In this episode I lay out step-by-step my battle plan for 2018, and show you how to set your new years goals.

Goal setting is an art form. Like everything else it takes time to develop, but once you get it right, your life will noticeably change. I learn the power of writing down goals from my early mentors, and this simple act changed my life in more ways that I can write here.

Here are a few reasons why you need to write out your goals;

  • You’ll get clarity on your life, career and money
  • You’ll have a roadmap to follow when you make decisions.
  • 95% of people have none or goals that are too small
  • They show your weaknesses and what you need to improve
  • You’ll become a stronger, more impactful human being

When I set goals I use the power of 3, which means to set THREE goals that are super important, relevant and attainable. This works for me, find your number. But remember, don’t get bogged down trying to accomplish too mush at once, I see this a lot, especially in the music business. LESS IS MORE





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